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Why Narayana?
Narayana's correspondence courses differs from its competitors in the following ways: Our unique Net-Guru scheme uses the internet to your advantage: you can e-mail your questions and Narayana's experts will answer promptly.

You will get the advantage of our well organized system of testing and statistical analyses. This gives you important feedback on the skills that you need to acquire in order to beat the competition. The system of micro-level analysis developed by us will enable you to assess your strengths and weakness and fine tune your preparation. Our macro-level analysis will give you the bigger picture.

We offer more test-centers all over India for your convenience.

The courses have been designed by eminent faculty with rich teaching experience. The study material will give you a solid foundation in theory. It will equip you with the knowledge of various types of problems and problem-solving strategies. It will increase your confidence. And get you moving and ready to take the challenge of competitive examinations Head-on.