About NICC Who does it Benefit ? Why Narayana?
Our Strength
NARAYANA's power-packed study material includes detailed theory coupled with suitable examples for easier understanding. The exhaustive study material has been thoroughly prepared by eminent faculty members and authors of acclaimed books, possessing an in-depth hold over the respective subjects. It is also accompanied by doubt clearance scheme in our effort to make it as good as our classroom programmes. With in-depth level wise (sub-topic wise, topic-wise & chapter-wise and from basic to advanced) explanation of concepts in all subjects, the study packages aims to making the basics really strong. Then there are detailed exercises and its solutions dispatched in a systematic manner that will greatly help keep track of their performance . The entire material has been prepared to equip you with the knowledge of various types of problems and problem-solving strategies, to increase your confidence. And get you moving and ready to take the challenge of competitive examinations Head-on.

A correspondence course must find the correct balance between
(a) The constraints of a student (can't leave his home), and
(b) The demands on the course itself (prepare the student to succeed in IIT-JEE).
To prepare a student to tackle the rigors of IIT-JEE is to develop in him the analytical ability to solve fresh and new problems.

Micro-Analysis and Macro-Analysis
Naryana offers its students a unique system of analyzing the students on micro level and give the feedback to the student as well as to the parents in order to enable to rectify his defects, fill up his gaps, put more efforts on weak areas and move ahead.

(a) Micro-analysis :This computerized question-wise analysis will bring out the weak as well as strong areas in student's learning.
(b) Macro-analysis : This will compare the students performance with other students across the country.
We will give them their total marks, subject-wise marks, overall rank, subject-wise ranks, overall percentile and subject-wise percentiles.

Net Guru: Another unique feature with Narayana's Correspondence Course. This facility allows the student to contact their subject experts online for real time information and doubt clearance.Students with no access to online contact may write to our subject experts by ordinary mail.

Confidence In Our Track Record On the basis of our strategic course coverage, rich teaching experience and striking results we haveproduced, we confidently expect our students to rest on top positions in the competitions.