It is with excitement and pleasure that I welcome you to Narayana, an academic institution like no other. If we were to put the usual yardstick of success and quality of education, Narayana of course towers tall. But what brings me satisfaction is that the students of Narayana are doing well in life in a well rounded manner that is becoming good citizens, good doctors, good engineers and good human beings.

From the humble beginning as a Math tutor in 1979 - My vision was a clear - High quality education for students. This perseverance paid of in 1983, when Narayana become a full- fledged institution. Today the group is proud to include within its field areas of education that start from the pre-primary up to professional graduation. It has been our consistent emphasis on quality of education and inculcating the passion for excellence that has produced results of this outstanding nature. The same has also been the foundation of our reputation of being an institute that delivers results. It has been my belief that all children have the ability to achieve greatness and become the person they dream of becoming. "I wish I could be.... when I grow up," means that as an institution we have the task of guiding the student and helping him or her to develop the self-confidence they need to believe that they can and will do anything they set out to achieve. This is the philosophy that I have subscribed to for a long time and it is also the philosophy on which the Narayana group stands.